To whom do we serve specially,

  • Exporters, Shipping agents and Charterers do require Dunnage and Kraft paper for the loading purpose of their cargo of any kind. 
  • Almost every Importer / Exporters shipping their cargo through container need pelletization and lashing to protect material shipped, at which we are experts. 
  • Lashing and chocking is required by all container and vessels, which carry materials such as stone, slab, heavy projects, pipes etc. Also we keep heavy machinery exports by lashing and chocking their machinery in the container.

  • We do covering of the cargo in monsoonand other seasons for exporters / importers to protect from rain, sunlight, dust etc.

  • We also supply safety materials like boiler suite, safety shoes, helmet, all kind of hand gloves and masks, safety glasses etc. to the manufacturing unit.
  • We also provide consultancy to the exports to cut the cost for all above services and material by our services and also advice them in delivering their cargo safely to their clients. 
  • We also do any kind of contract work inside port / vessel and outside port area.